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About us

Headquartered in Cochin, and branches in two key centres in south India namely, Chennai and Trivandrum, Secure Solutions delivers security-as-a-value added service solutions to keep the Web a place where users can be productive and safe. Our Security Service is a multitenant security that provides the optimal combination of quality of service and depth of security to fully protect business users without latency problems that would impact their Web experience, regardless of device or physical location.

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Our Vision

A world in which enterprises and organizations reap maximum benefits from Internet and Web 2.0 while enjoying optimal security and productivity.

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Our Mission

To protect your entire network environment from perimeter to endpoint from all possible emerging exploits and deliver an intelligent security services in the most efficient and effective manner

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Our Values

Secure Solutions are known for our dependability, reliability and our ability to exceed our client’s expectations by turning available possibilities into valuable and marketable services. We value the customer, the most important aspect of the business and are able to provide continued after sales support. This and our company’s impeccable reputation for trust, enable us to face the challenges that lie ahead.

We at Secure Solutions are committed to enhance the customer’s confidence by demonstrating expertise in their industry with knowledge of best practices and regulations. We provide our employees, with a creative, challenging and enjoyable work environment to ensure long-term benefits and professional satisfaction.

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Our Responsibility

To maintain a strong position in the security industry, we need to reach our targets of operational excellence and financial performance. We believe that this means to continuously climb the value chain and create more value for our customers. To do so, we focus on the integration of all the areas of competence in complete security solutions and to increase the share of technology content.

Our approach to conducting responsible business is very simple. We keep it to the basics of security services, and believe in providing benefits to the whole of economy rather than an individual or a group of people. Our services responsibilities include provision of security to our customers; ranging from a local shop owner to an MNC. Promising secure premises to our customers, and in turn, our customer’s customers as well. It is a chain reaction, which eventually leads to securing not only our customers but the economy as a whole.

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